Bachelor Of Music In Performance

Bachelor Program in Music Performance is a 3-year study combining classical and improvised music.

Bachelor degree is for those who want to become a performer of classical music or jazz / improvisation. Emphasis is placed on a solid technical foundation that makes you prepared for a career as a performing musician, or further studies in music.

The course includes both applicable and theoretical topics. The course uses a wide range of methods, ranging from practical teaching individually and in groups, to lecture and project work. It is important that your technical and creative development will be integrated with an understanding of music as art and art pedagogy.

The program can be combined with teacher education, which provides educational qualifications. You can then work as a music teacher in different parts of the education system and in the voluntary cultural sector.

If you have a master, add-teach skills even for high school. There are also a number of independent studies and supplementary studies in music.

What can you get?
A career in music performance, specializing in instrumental disciplines of classical music or jazz / improvisation.

The studies qualify for different jobs as a professional athlete, or for graduate studies. If you combine study with teacher training in music (60 credits), you get a teaching qualification to become a music teacher.

Study the basic admission requirements are general admission and pass the entrance exam in theory, oral and performance. Please refer to the Regulations for admission to universities and colleges (Circular F-10-05). In addition to adequate exercise level on the main instrument, it is recommended that candidates have a generally good basic knowledge in harmony / jazz theory, aural training and music history as well as a certain level on a different instrument than the main instrument (fiddle).

The recording is the basis of individual auditions.

Admission is based on:

1. Entrance: for instrument specific requirements, and annual record information from the department.

2. Passed the test in oral and theory

3. Interview in the admission test

4. A comprehensive assessment of the applicant's knowledge, competence and suitability for the study there will be an overall assessment of the admission test, interview and the scientific and resource monitoring that the department can offer.