College Students Work

Investigators Street or by phone: a student job rewarding!

If you enjoy good interpersonal skills and great patience, you can claim the job as an investigator in the street or by telephone. From individuals or professionals, Never miss a thing!

You probably already have you arrested on the street by investigators, eager to hear your opinions on a particular topic. Armed with their questionnaires, they roam the streets in search of an audience previously targeted (for example, 15 to 25 years, or thirty women, etc.). To respond to their barrage of questions. The results obtained by the pollsters can obtain information about the facts of society. Thus, journalists or government is eager for these independent studies are used to point the finger at the major trends, or public opinion.

Taking the temperature

Real thermometer company, you will be at the heart of public debate. The questionnaires are multiple, and are available to all areas: music, fashion, news, politics, etc....

To apply for this position as an investigator, you do not need to present your qualifications. Only oral fluency and precision are assets that will open the doors of the trade. Upon request, the companies surveyed (listed below) will affect either the street or in a call center. However, count one day of training, which provides you all the information to complete your investigation.

Questions, questions, always questions!

If you need to investigate the street, ready to wipe many refusals, and sometimes even rude people who will not hesitate to rush you. That's why patience but also enthusiasm will be your main travel companions during your missions, which take place during the day. The advantage is the adaptability of your employer to your available student, but know also that you will be outside in any weather. So remember to choose a proper place! Anyway, your salary is the minimum wage schedule.

On TV sets, investigators, that is to say, by telephone, the constraints are less. Located on a plateau with others, your tool will work phone and a host of questions with predefined checkboxes. A convincing and enthusiastic voice is often sufficient to motivate the respondents to answer your questions. You are frequently paid for the number of telephone surveys conducted and the number of valid forms.

The major enemy of this job is boredom, especially caused by repeated calls! A tip to make your days go by faster: be open to discussion, sometimes you come across interlocutors really nice on your phone!