Bachelor Of Science

Degree Course in Sciences of the Organization

Organization Science is a degree course which aims to provide students with multidisciplinary tools for organizations to become innovative players in the contexts of a public, private and third sector, in summary, a professional complementary to that of economists and engineers.

The lessons outside the classroom, alongside moment's laboratory - students have a computer lab equipped with first-rate more than 50 positions, internships, meaningful experiences and testimonies.

Born by the will of different institutional actors, the degree course is the first step in a long run in collaboration with local development.

Conceived in international perspective, in 2008 - for the third consecutive year - the course offers a summer school, starting July 19, to learn about an important country with which cooperation and confrontation.

Several contributions in the degree course aim to give:

Contribute to organizational renewal of small businesses, to meet the international competition developing the production of efficient services in the public sector and that of non-profit organizations

train the actors of the processes of globalization.

The degree course "open," therefore, different professions, providing skills that many students can put in place even before graduating in internships.

The Bachelor has provided many students the possibility of internships in businesses, public institutions and non-profit reality, in areas ranging from market research, personnel management, training.

The project "Laboratory Company," nearing completion, in recent months has allowed a large group of third-year students to remain in touch with the realities of business area.