Distance Education College

Distance education: lazy refrain!

Tired of the university? Want to compare the world of work without stopping your studies? Distance education can be your door to salvation. But beware, this course is for motivated candidates.

Qualifications and requirements

Serious, self-discipline and motivation are a must!
No one will remind you to order if you are not hard enough, or if you are behind in your work. So learn to manage yourself and remember that choosing distance education is to subscribe to a moral and financial ... In any case, distance learning can be a solution for those who cannot or do not wish to follow the way of formal education. The requirements for national diplomas are exactly the same (since they are national ...) and are therefore, equally valid!

Public bodies

The Cned (National Centre for Distance Education) is a public body under the Ministry of Education, which allows you to prepare some remote national diplomas. In this way, it is possible to attend school full primary school in the terminal. The courses are written by teachers of Education, academics, professionals. Moreover, they are updated regularly (and corrections are individualized).

The Cned more committed to you "help" in this learning through a variety of services: videotapes of works and literary themes, radio programs on philosophy, annals of modern literature aggregation, etc....

Several options are possible: the full path to study full-time courses at the map and then at your own pace, cycles and upgrade module's solution and training. Courses adapted are also provided for children whose health status prevents integration into mainstream schools; Travellers, students living abroad, everything is taken into account.

Finally, the rates depend on the chosen course: $ 300 for training, university level, from 550 to $ 1750 for a film license. These rates are flexible depending on your status, whether you are seeking employment, whether your training is funded by you or your employer ... Watch for registration: some are made throughout the year. Others have deadlines or follow the school calendar.

The FIED - Interuniversity Federation of Distance Education, founded in 1987 at the initiative of Education - is a network of universities that have developed distance learning and online through various services. All major academic disciplines are represented; levels range from tray to tray + 5 and up. There are degree programs (USDA, Deug, DUT, engineering degree) and non-degree (to help you prepare for the aggregation, for example). The modules are sanctioned and measured in ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) - and yes, like in college! Enrollment periods may vary from one university to another but generally, in September ... and you have student status (this offers some advantages)! Registration fees depend on the option chosen. Basically, it's like in college, but at home, on the internet!
Private organizations

Of course, there are many private organizations. They often offer classes and tutoring can help you prepare certain qualifications or contest the civil service. It is not easy to make the right choice. Rely on a word of mouth, in the field of tutoring a pleasant reputation is, in general, assuming good results! Take the time to learn: go up, contact the education director, former students if possible. In short, do not choose blindly!

And if this experience does not lead, to a degree, it will have at least had the merit of your limits, and you learn to be independent!