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Business schools post-tray: a tray that is 5?

Enter business school after the tray has a major advantage: avoid the pace of preparatory classes. One-third of students entering business school chose this path and in the end?

Test your level to incorporate a business school
Business schools do not have been post-baccalaureate to be ashamed of their counterparts that recruit after a preparatory class. They have many attractions. Students interviewed were unanimous: "Integrating a school after the end avoids the hectic pace of preparatory classes, but in return must agree to enter directly into the heart on the matter. "Translation: training combines academic and practical training in the first year. In other words, he must demonstrate a mature and know exactly what to expect. It is not easy, in fact, choose from the tank a real specialization and enrich for five years.

"They all have a great! "
On this point at least, nothing to say for several reasons. On the one hand, there is evidence that graduates are placed respectively on the labor market. Number of indicators tends to show that wage differentials between balanced remuneration derived in some schools out of post-preparation and post-baccalaureate schools. How is a good school student graduate within five years? "Between 5000 and 10 000 dollar gross pay less per annum than HEC graduate," argues William Bigot, the IPAG. The economic sectors covered are the rests often comparable to post-school preparation. Most graduates hold positions in sales, marketing, auditing, finance and management control, and many others, and this, regardless of company size at ESSCA, 36% careers in finance, 24% in marketing, 18.5% in commercial functions, 12.5% ​​in the consulting business, 9% in people at BBA from ESSEC, one-third of graduates practicing in a function responsible for business / business development, e-commerce, another third in the marketing and communication or in the consulting industry and studies. However, nearly 60% of them work in an international environment.

In addition, the most school's post-back benefits from the infrastructure of their "elite" in other words, consular institutions, so dependent on chambers of commerce and industry, generally welcome on campus a post-school preparation and post-back. They have, therefore, means the group to which they are attached.