Online course's Audio Visual (AV)

In Content Creation

The second training module of the course of audiovisual AV: in. Allow to master the key technology to create audio-visual content. The purpose of lessons - to visualize the rules of composition, color theory to explain and demonstrate various technical nuances associated with the record content.

Form of
This online course. The listener is registered and get access to Video Tutorials, which are the authors of the training module.
an online courses aviation management

Teachers Ben Shepp
Video artist, curator and founder of the label Light rhythm visuals.

Organizer CyberBrothers

Internet portal that provides the author's video and audio materials of high quality.
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One-year course in directing

The course leading professional producers, directors, screenwriters, actors, teachers of acting, voice and stage movement.

The program includes drama and Writing, directing, basic carrier of art, editing and special effects, acting, film history, classes in stage movement and speech.

Form of
Theory (lectures, workshops) and practice (preparing for the show, shooting sketches) in groups of 10 people.

Classes are held twice a week for 3-4 hours. The course is designed for twelve months.

Diploma film's students take part an international festival and competitions. The best students offered employment.
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Basic course of drawing and painting

The course is designed for those who want to start going to draw or improve your skills, and provide an opportunity to go step by step towards the creation of pictures, starting with a blank canvas, a smooth transition into the form, light, perspective and composition.

Students will learn about the kinds of perspectives, modes of transmission, billing, the possibilities of light and shade, will learn to draw with pencil, pastel and paint, and try their hand at different genres of painting: portrait, landscape, still life, abstract.

Form of
Three-hour sessions consist of a brief theoretical introduction and independent work at the easel. Students with a basic education in the field of art work for an individual plan. Beginners do personal work under the guidance of the teacher.

Course duration - 48 academic hours (36 astronomical).
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The second school of naming

Students will become familiar with an important component of branding - naming. Training takes place on several fronts: the development of engineering and technology titles, patent examination, the registration of the name.

The program includes the basic course of familiarity with the theoretical basis of naming, the study of development methodologies names, master-class "protectability names", the master-class "The Art of Presentation", a master-class "Naming and Design", a workshop (students come up with the name of the client brief and conduct presentation) and an exam.

Students will be able to replenish its portfolio, to meet with professionals and their naming of the works.

Form of
8 lessons a day a week (theoretical, practical, master classes). At the end of the course graduates awarded a certificate LEXICA naming.

What is required
To enroll in a course, you need to do the job competitive (select and describe in terms of vocabulary, phonetics, semantics, his favorite word).
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Teacher students took over the school

Students from teacher education at the University took before Easter over the management of and teaching of school. - A very exciting glimpse into the reality that will soon confront us, tell the students.

In a so-called school, students are taking over responsibility for the administrative planning and practical implementation of a school week. Lillian Bill, Christine Waren, Renate Kristine Paulsen and Magnus Lucaz constituted the management group - and they have planned this special form of the practice since November.

Responsibility for all
  • It's the last big exam before we are going out to work. We will take a swing at everything - from teaching and planning of this, the distribution of lessons on the various students to the organization of supervision in downtime, tell them.
It's only specialist teachers in attendance from the ordinary staff. The other teachers will offer courses in teacher education while a school takeover lasts. Fortunately also there.
  • But we have gone through the procedures and had a fire drill, make them.
  • They can be good teachers
  • They are clever and cool and do fun things; Six replies graders have Easter's workshop in arts and crafts class, questions about what it is to have students as teachers.

In addition, the students believe that the students are nice and good to keep quiet in class (although perhaps not an Easter workshop is the easiest place to verify such statements).
  • They can be good teachers; students turn in place.
  • It's the profession we are looking forward to
  • School takeover is something quite different than the usual practice, where we have a teacher training with us, where we only get to try us in the classroom. For how can one make actual practice? We'd love to have this form of vocational training also real life earlier in the program, says students in the administration group.
  • Because it's the profession, we are looking forward to. It is varied and flexible; we can play around a lot and work with what we are interested in. Besides, it's nice to think that we can always further develop within the profession and become better at something that we like to do, turn the very satisfied school over the men said.
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