The second school of naming

Students will become familiar with an important component of branding - naming. Training takes place on several fronts: the development of engineering and technology titles, patent examination, the registration of the name.

The program includes the basic course of familiarity with the theoretical basis of naming, the study of development methodologies names, master-class "protectability names", the master-class "The Art of Presentation", a master-class "Naming and Design", a workshop (students come up with the name of the client brief and conduct presentation) and an exam.

Students will be able to replenish its portfolio, to meet with professionals and their naming of the works.

Form of
8 lessons a day a week (theoretical, practical, master classes). At the end of the course graduates awarded a certificate LEXICA naming.

What is required
To enroll in a course, you need to do the job competitive (select and describe in terms of vocabulary, phonetics, semantics, his favorite word).