Bachelor Of Tourism

Tourism Management - Bachelor
Does the travel and tourism exciting? Want to work in a large and growing industry, with diverse and interesting work opportunities?

All the time it pops up new deals for travelers. Meanwhile, tourists more of the service related to tourism. Modern communications, better infrastructure and an increasingly open world offers fresh opportunities for this industry. New markets opening up all the time, and the industry is developing rapidly. To meet the growing demands, we need people with good knowledge in areas such as visitor management, profitability, attraction development, experience economy, management and marketing.

School of Hotel Management offers the Bachelor of Tourism Management. Also have exchange agreements with universities around the world. Students with admission to the bachelor degree in tourism management can be offered abroad in the fifth semester of the following countries: Australia, Britain, Finland, France, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, USA and Austria.

Bachelor's degree is also eligible for further graduate study in hotel and tourism management or equivalent.

What can you get?
Future work on completing the Bachelor of Tourism Management may be the project manager and consultant in the travel industry, the hospitality, transportation or industry experience, or manager and manager in the private or public sector.