Early Childhood Education Online

Educating young children involves to regular wonder how we do and be with him. It thus seemed important to offer an annual event bringing together parents, the child's first teachers, the professional hospitality, co-educators, and local architects of the Offer home for youthful children on their territory.

Early-childhood home each year and intends to put an issue in the debate to enable different actors who revolve around the child to share and work together towards common goals.

The theme: "Girls and boys, same education?"

Girls, boys, each convinced is to provide the same education and other one. Research has, however, shown that we unconsciously many differences by sex as the child. It directs and from birth to pre-defined roles and behaviors that represent all obstacles to its vitality and development potential.

Girls and boys are they really so different? Are there accompanying children in the same way as they learn regardless of their sex?

Theoretical contributions, examples of field evidence, well on the occasion of this third to do a little tour of the question, to build a more egalitarian society between women and men.