Public VS Private Education

Education: public schools much more expensive than the private

With, in 2009, 9.95 million students in public schools and 1.98 million students enrolled in private schools under contract, Fortunate to have two education systems comparable: the public and exclusive contract. Beyond the issue of teaching quality, the idea of ​​this issue is to measure whether, between private and public education, the expenditure (including expenditure from the state, communities, families and companies) is similar per pupil for each year. In a context of scarce public funds, we sought to assess the efficiency of the two budget models of teaching.

Our initial costing from statistical data of the Ministry of Education thus shows that public education would be between 30 and 40% more expensive than private, even integrating family expenditure, for substantially similar results - or better - in private.

Question: where do these very significant differences?
Certainly, an addition to factors which increase strongly public education over the private education contract. We sought to show and explain the nature of these differences, in consultation with leading experts in public and private education as the subject. Several possible explanations of the spending gap are likely: wages, pensions, investments. We followed these tracks to explain the difference in cost between public and private education.

Finally: $2,858 per student of overspending in the first degree and $4,084 for overspending in the second degree.

It involved:
the cost of public pensions;
greater investment in schools, colleges and public high schools;
the cost of technical staff at the public.

Nevertheless, even removing the "bias," public education is $1,923 more expensive in the first degree and $1,056 more precious in the second degree.