Baccalaureate Degree

BA in English-speaking university systems

The Bachelor in the university system the Anglo-Saxon (English baccalaureate or bachelor's degree, bachelor or simply degree) is a grade punishing initial three or four academic years, ending the first cycle of higher education (cycle undergraduate in English).

UK excluding Scotland

In England, Wales, the degree is done in three years.
Grades can be ordinary or with Honours (Honours), the grades with distinctions being more and more difficult courses. They are indicated by adding (Hons) degree after the diminutive ex: "BSc (Horns)." The entries associated with these grades are: First Class (First-class, short: 1st), second class upper (Upper Second, abbreviation: 2.1), lower second class (Lower Second, abbreviation: 2.2), third class (Third Class, abbreviation 3rd).

Degree combined with Honours (Combined Honours degree) is defined as the study two subjects, one major and one minor, interdisciplinary degree with honors (joint honors degree) is defined as the study two subjects equally.

Unlike the American and Scottish systems, the student must choose the primary academic year while a specialty in the United States or Scotland the choice is much wider in the first two years of the four-year cycle.

In some UK universities, for historical reasons, some are bachelor's degrees from the second cycle (postgraduate) (case law) then corresponding to what is generally called a master in the French university system.


In Scotland, the first cycle of higher education leading to a three-year bachelor's degree in the case of an ordinary degree and four years after the case of an honor's degree. In the four ancient universities of Scotland, the Undergraduate Studies leading to a Master of Arts or bachelor of Science according to the subjects studied. The Master of Arts issued by these universities is not a postgraduate degree, its name is a legacy of the Faculty of Arts of the Middle Ages. Finally, the first cycle can also lead to five years for a Master of Science entitled in English: Master's degree in science, in short MSCI, not to be confused with the Master of Science graduate (postgraduate), master's degree of science abbreviated MSc.


The Irish system is close to the Scottish system.

United States
Bachelor Degree in English, more specifically known as BA (Bachelor of Arts or bachelor of Arts in French) or BSc (Bachelor of Science in French) with the following program is a university degree equivalent to a license, the American system is very similar to the Scottish system for four years of higher education. The first two years allow the study of a wide range of disciplines while the last two years focus on an area much more specialized (usually on a major and a minor). So not to be confused with the "Bachelor" French awarded at the end of secondary school, the American equivalent of the French baccalaureate is a High School Diploma sometimes also called a General Education Diploma.


In Canada, except Quebec, most bachelor's degrees is awarded after a four-year university, such as the United States. However, there is some provinces in the three-year bachelor's degrees.
In Quebec, a pre-university two years of college leading to university studies with a duration of three or four years, depending on the program. For example, the BA in psychology is awarded after three years, while for studies - specialized - engineering, education and medicine, the term is four years.