Bachelor of Arts

The curriculum of the Bachelor of Arts degree usually takes three years in the United Kingdom (except Scotland), New Zealand, Australia and Quebec, and four years in the United States, Australia, Ireland, Scotland and rest of Canada.

In the United States and Canada, a Bachelor of Arts requires that the student has completed a majority of its courses (half or three quarters) in the arts, a term which includes the social sciences, literature, music or the visual arts. This title is given to students who have taken courses, mainly in the fields of hard science such as biology and chemistry. This is common in some of the most prestigious American universities of the Ivy League as Princeton University, and colleges.

In Britain, most universities maintain the distinction between art and science, but some, like the University of Oxford and of Cambridge, BA-granting to any student regardless of their specialization.

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree are very similar in many countries, especially because it is the main undergraduate degrees (undergraduate). In the United States and Canada, both degrees include basic training (humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics). Students must choose one main subject (major) and may also take some elective courses the curriculum of the Bachelor of Science over the course of the foremost material whom the course bachelor of Arts. In addition, the Bachelor of Science is increasingly more awarded in the natural sciences than in humanities. In the U.S., BA is also awarded in the fields vocationally oriented rather than purely academic. It is thus more easily available B.Sc. in finance, accounting, criminal justice, etc..... Beyond these major differences, the BA and B.Sc. usually differ according to the faculties or universities.