Painting course description

The course of painting in oil and tempera

A course for those who want to learn to paint in oils and tempera. The classes will feature a variety of methods and techniques of painting, through which students will create several works of authorship. The course: Intuitive Painting - the concept of tone, the theory of painting, mixing colors, "the air in the film," still lives and landscapes - a classic painting, painting in the style of "Impressionism," tempera painting on lefkada Hennum boards - Byzantine painting, machinery afloat, writing techniques with gold.

The lessons of drawing and painting

A course for those who want to translate their thoughts and fantasies in the drawings. Students will learn how to draw, develop artistic sensibility and be able to translate their ideas with a pencil, brush, charcoal and paints.

Drawing and painting

The course for those wishing to develop skills and drawing skills, discover a creative potential. Designed for people of all ages and training. The course includes the basics of drawing and learning the art of oil painting.

Form of
Theoretical and practical classes in the gallery. Duration of training - from 3 to 12 months, depending on the initial training and set goals. Chance of a flexible schedule of visits.