Igor Davydov

Programmer T & P, was trying to go to MIT:

"Once I walked in the undergraduate at MIT, has been a long time ago, in those days, I even have the internet did not exist, and information about foreign universities had to look in the bowels of the Library of Foreign Literature. With the limited information, MIT was the rather obvious choice for a technical guy - he was at the hearing; it was a Mecca of technical education, expensive, prestigious, in general - perfect. I had no idea what exactly I wanted to do. I knew that I needed a technical school, but I did not even know if I want to study more physics or computer science. And MIT decided to have all these problems, because, apparently, covers the entire spectrum of scientific problems - what would I end up not started for me at MIT, there would be a corresponding laboratory. In general, MIT looked like a sort of mixture of MSU, MIPT, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute and Baumanki for Russian applicants.
Admission process is similar to the one that came with us to the introduction of the USE. You write tests: SAT, and if English is not your first language, the TOEFL. The results of these tests, you direct where you want to do. For each college, you are preparing a package of documents to apply for admission. Everything: biographical information, a few essays on why you want to get it into this university, letters of recommendation from your current teachers. All that you send to college, pre-paying the application fee - the cost of processing your documents.

Application fee (about $ 100 for a top-tier university) lets you send applicants for admission applications at once in all possible universities and make narrow choices. There is no way to pay this application fee, for this. We must prove that to you, it is expensive. I just wrote that I had no money, but apparently did not convince them - were necessary official documents, proof of indigence. In the end, I got a few failures, even considering my application. I think it makes sense to limit the number of schools for themselves and pay the application fee in order to avoid such problems.

I did not, but the process of admission was a good experience. My results on the tests were not as high as I expected. Still, for high scores on tests of knowledge is not enough - you need to know how to write, have a habit. And I did not pay due to attention to finding sources of funding. It became clear that to go to an American university very real, but it requires a lot of work."