Safety School

Security at the School

Prevention and fight against violence
Prevent and fight against school violence is a prerequisite for success for students who need to work in a serene atmosphere for success.

The protection of minors on the Internet
National priority, the development of Internet use must be accompanied by training and monitoring to ensure the safety of citizens, especially minors. National education must provide each student the values ​​associated with the responsible use of the Internet.

The child protection
The Ministry of Education is actively involved in interdepartmental policy of child protection. Educational teams are a relay driven policy at a national level, with students daily. The National Education is responsible for about one-quarter of alerts on children or adolescents at risk or in danger of being.

The fight against harassment
The Ministry of National Education, Youth and community life has made the prevention and fight against bullying among students one of its priorities. Bullying is characterized by the repeated use of physical violence, teasing and humiliation from other students. Its consequences can be severe when it is not considered: loss of self-esteem, school dropout, socialization, anxiety, depression, somatization, suicidal behavior. The fights against harassment are an extension of the Estates General on safety at school.