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School life and health insurance school

The school health

Compulsory vaccinations
For school attendance, immunization adjacent to the subsequent diseases is required: diphtheria, tetanus, polio (frequently linked with whooping cough).

Others are sturdily recommended: mumps, rubella (MMR), measles.
Be vigilant about the recall dates.
The immunization schedule of the Ministry of Health

Medical visits

The primary health check is performed between 5 and six years, for kindergarten or first grade.
This includes complete medical screening of minor defects or disabilities (sight, hearing, language disorders, behavioral). The presence of a parent is advised. You may request a leave of absence to your employer with the notice convening the required medical examination.

The medical record
The minute of each health examination is noted by the physician of Education on the "health record of the student" of your child. This file is confidentiality. You may request to have knowledge in making an appointment with the doctor of Education or by requesting that its contents be communicated to your doctor.

And emergency care at school
A national protocol on the organization of care and emergencies in schools and local public education. Precise instructions on what to do in an emergency must be posted. A telephone line to contact the emergency services must be accessible at all times.
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If enrollment of students with chronic illness or disability, benefiting from a host individual project or consolidation agreement, prescription drugs must be present to health workers or of the responsible adult and all necessary materials should be available in the infirmary. Drugs listed in the emergency protocol should be in the infirmary and first-aid kit of the child.

All schools enlisted the help of a near-patient unit, capable of accommodating students in emergencies.

In all severe cases, the family is prevented and the principal.

The school insurance

The purchase of insurance for school and school activities is a voluntary pledge of security for students and their parents.
  • Ensures that the school insurance?
  • Is it mandatory?
  • How to choose a school insurance?
  • Where can you learn?
Ensures that the school insurance?
The school insurance purchased must cover the damage:

that the student might cause to third parties (liability coverage)
it may suffer (individual guarantee personal accident)
Holders of a family casualty insurance must carefully consider the nature of risks covered by this contract. It is advisable to ask the insurer to provide written particulars.

Is it mandatory?
Mandatory for school activities
The school insurance is optional. However, in fact, it is highly recommended to protect the student in case of damage.

Optional for school activities (outings and school trips)
The student insurance is mandatory. Two circular recall this obligation.

For extracurricular activities
The organizers may require students to be insured.

How to choose a school insurance?
Parents of students may purchase school insurance from their insurer or choose a policy offered by an association of parents.

Where can you learn?
Parents of students may contact:
  • Director's or principal's
  • their insurer
  • associations of parents
  • of the Federation of Insurance Companies
  • documentation center and information assurance in the region