Global Citizenship Education


The practical guide to education for global citizenship is an educational tool for educators in formal and non-formal. Its purpose is to help them in their respective contexts, to understand and implement the various activities related to education for global citizenship.

It designed as a practical guide, he presents the philosophy, concept and methodology of education for global citizenship and the evaluation questions. By sharing existing practices, tools, resources and bibliographies, this educational tool will strengthen the foundations and practices of education for global citizenship.

This guide was developed based upon the work of the North-South Centre in the field of education for global citizenship, including:
  • Developing a network to improve education for global citizenship in the states of the Council of Europe, through the Education Week Global Citizenship;

  • The publication of two reference texts within the field of global education: Charter Education in World Citizenship (1997) and the Declaration of Maastricht - Education for Global Citizenship in Europe until 2015, strategies, policies and prospects (2002).
The guide is intended to supplement the educational tools developed by the North-South Centre (website, newsletters, publications) and to provide educators and a systematic approach to the understanding and practice of education for global citizenship.

It also provides the foundation necessary to follow the online course on education for global citizenship which modules cover all aspects of theme development awareness, human rights, sustainable development, peace and conflict prevention as well as intercultural dialogue. This online training was developed in partnership with specialized partners of the Steering Committee of Education (CDED / CoE) and with European partners and international CNS / CoE. It is primarily for educators of formal and informal sectors, policy makers and media specialist.

Finally, the guide complements the educational tools CoE EDC-HRE and provides a framework for the development of other instruments that can be developed within the context of intercultural dialogue initiated by the Council of Europe.

The guide, whose foundation is the Maastricht Declaration on Education for global citizenship, is also a basis in the development of policy instruments such as recommendations that can then be adopted by the Committee of Ministers of the Council Europe.