Best Paid College Degrees

Students looking for a financially successful post-college life, they can be found by looking at mathematics and science. On May not be surprising for engineering and computer science fields of the country on the list of highest-paid graduate. "Best College undergrad degree salary" report shows, while other fields can lead to lucrative careers as well. The following is 10 of the finest undergraduate degree field - and what you do to them.


Mid-career median salary: $ 88,600 - $ 155,000
Mean wage: $ 51,700 - $ 97,900

As for landing an impressive paycheck, control engineers. Seven of the top highest paying college courses in engineering oil, chemical, electrical, material's science and Aerospace Engineering, claiming five places.

Engineers in all disciplines can pay for her technical expertise or a PE license, said Lawrence Jacobson, executive director of the National Society of Professional Engineers in Alexandria, Virginia.

"Only 10 percent are licensed practical engineers, and given that most manufacturing companies do not require a permit," says Jacobson. "The average delta between licensed and unlicensed persons is about $ 10,000 a year. The process of thirty-year career, it's a bundle of money."

JacobSon said that certify provides Job Seekers more professional development opportunities, a chance to go interested in business for them and to endow with specialist testimony in court proceedings. The downside is that obtaining a PE license is difficult. Jacobson recommended that the new engineering grads take the exam as soon as possible, usually after four to five years of work in the field after graduation.

Computer Science

MId-career median salary: $ 97,900
Mean wage: $ 56,600

Sky-high grades and work experience play an important role in landing the top computer jobs, but individual projects are valued also says Gayle Laakmann McDowell, author of "Google Resume: How to prepare for a career and get a job at Apple, Microsoft, Google or early tech companies. "

"When you build a really interesting competitor to Google Maps and a lot of people downloaded it, and it is well known, that will count for more than an internship in a company that nobody knows," he says.

Participation on behalf of large institutions, can help your foot in the door, but it is crucial landing an impressive post-college job.

"There are tons of people who come from completely lesser-known school and get a job at Microsoft," says McDowell. "A candidate who has a 3.5 (GPA) from MIT, but no work experience and project, it's not interesting."

For the head of HR, McDowell recommended for practice, and classes that are difficult to assign projects and free time coding, as well as you can.


Mid-career median salary: $ 101,000
Mean wage: $ 49,800

Master of Science based upon the world around us, and you can get a job anywhere. American Institute of Physics says that those with the title of physics to find work in organizations, universities and hospitals in the U.S. military, museums, publishing houses, domestic and foreign government laboratories. You will also need to think about continuing their education. Research Georgetown University shows that 67 percent of the physics major to go to obtain a higher degree.

Regardless of the career you choose, Katharine Brooks, author of "You majored in what? Mapping your path from chaos to career," says the student must have an undergraduate degree.

"Start getting experience from the beginning of his academic career. Do not wait for a year looking for an internship," he says.

To get a jump on job hunting, Brooks encourages students to create a LinkedIn account and contact address of the professional associations in your area as soon as possible.

Applied Mathematics and General Mathematics

Mid-career median salary: $ 89,900 - $ 98,600
Mean wage: $ 47,000 - $ 52,600

Applied mathematics, statistics and mathematical fields are known to domestic financial bacon, but a twofold plus to use 1 of these degrees is on the rise to the labor market in these interconnected fields. JeffStrohl, director of the Center for Research at Georgetown University in the field of education and work, reports that business has a great deal. An amazing 95 percent of mathematics majors and 92 percent of industry statistics and mathematical science's field decisions are employed. If you want to sweeten the paycheck, aim high in the career ladder.

"As people age, moving into management generally leads to higher incomes, regardless of what the chief," he says.


Mid-career median salary: $ 94,700
Mean wage: $ 47,300

"The economy industries tend to focus on your business and finance-related industries,'' says Brooks "Banking and Finance in the upper layers of the salary."

While economist lucrative fields throughout the country performing with banks and other financial institutions, is a measure often used to establish a career in law, consulting, education, research, government, nonprofit and public policy, the report of the American EconomicAssociation.

Brooks said to in order to make more in line with their career field rather than foremost. For instance, it can be a great economy, which goes to non-profit work earn less than a liberal arts outstanding, who is entering the financial sector. When choosing a major, Brooks challenges students to think about your career field that you want and how skills acquired in the major advantages in different occupations.

Information Systems

Mid-career median salary: $ 88,200
Mean wage: $ 51,000

"The data point," says Nathan Lippe, director of product management for job hunting web "If (the company) has a good team of people looking at your data to understand what might be capable of change jobs, they could lose their competitive advantage" management information systems in major rescue. Able to analyze the organization of computer databases, and control of projects to increase productivity and efficiency of operations, MIS grads have the practically booming job market with a growing number of 17 percent annually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

On top of job search MIS, Lippe advised students to use the site resources. "A lot of times (Campus) career center, and even professors will have relationships with companies that employ more of these types of students," he says.


Mid-career median salary: $ 87,300
Mean wage: $ 46,500

No wonder that funding is one of the highest paid college majors. Lippe said that the students of finance and who played a role in funding the on-campus organizations will have legs during the competition.

"(Students) need to talk to numbers. It should be explained," I had X dollars to the budget that I am responsible for what they are doing with these dollars, and its impact on this organization, "said Lippe." To say that the financial stories will you stand by someone who said, "Hey, I was a member of the club's finances, and I was there for four years."

If schools are not funded internships, hiring managers will, Lippe said. Prison, after great, but they are competing for leadership in this area graduate with two or three internships under their belt.

Government and Political Science

Mid-career median salary: $ 80,100 - $ 87,300
Mean wage: $ 39,900 - $ 41,400

All levels of government in the U.S. found these areas, but that domestic and international companies, contracting companies, NGOs, think tanks, lobbyists, political campaigns, aid organizations and NGOs, to Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD as the economy, degrees in government and political science are very flexible, with grads find a job in public policy, business, finance, marketing, education and legal issues.

While the Labour Office of statistical data in all disciplines, rent at the national and local levels more slowly than at the federal level, those who enter the management, operational and financial roles are most likely to land jobs.

Construction, supply chain management

Mid-career median salary: $ 84,700 - $ 85,200
Mean wage: $ 50,200

Planning, organizing, monitoring, analysis and oversee the logistics workflow - whether it's building a hospital or warehouse management - the key skills required for this college major. Master them and you will be rewarded with a well-paying job with benefits.

Hook was the finding that the work could be a challenge. Although the Statistical Office reported growth in employment outside the construction management field for 17 percent this year, the supply-chain discipline, who had become managers, salespeople and customers would see only 7 percent increase in the number of employees in their sector.

Break into the industry as promptly as potential, Brooks recommend students use their school's old pupil’s network. "This could really be an immense manner to join with graduates who have majored in the identical," he says.


Mid-career median salary: $ 84,700
Mean wage: $ 41,700

"Biochemistry is great, because the main it is potential to acquire a job in almost any place at any time in the U.S.," says NathanLippe. "It is possible that in providing quality services for food, farming organizations to look at the treatment of seed, oil and gas industry looking to alternative fuels. All these things will be available for a biochemist."

Flexible and lucrative field of biochemistry to find work in hospitals, laboratories, research institutes, organizations, agriculture, biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, fuel and energy organizations, hospitals, refineries and manufacturers.

"The number of jobs compared with the candidates is very short (in the area)," Lippe said, adding that for every open position biochemistry, are 1.3 applicants trying to get.

In Excel, Biochem courses have had considerable laboratory and research experience on their resumes and internship or two.