Best Jobs without a College Degree

The best work without a university education

It is said that a better job and higher salary do not come without a title. That's not true. While there are many jobs that require a degree as a mandatory requirement, the options for those who do not is not limited. Obviously, it is always better to get the best education possible for the good prospects, but there may be several reasons for the person who will be able to complete their education. Instead of being discouraged, you can opt for one of the best places without a degree are listed below and choose what suits you.

10 jobs without college education

Pilot line: This is one of the highest paying jobs without a degree. However, there are some requirements that might be a bit "difficult to meet. Becoming a pilot, you must be over 23 years of age, must have a minimum of 1500 hours of flight experience, practice and pass a written test, and has permission to fly the airline. The average gain in this area is somewhere between U.S. $125,000 to $ 50,000 per annum in the U.S., making it one of the most popular careers without a degree.

Air Traffic Controller: Still on the airline, which is another good job without a university education, it is an air-traffic controller. Applicants should take lessons from the Federal AviationAdministration (FAA), comprehensible the drugs and medical examinations, and pass through a security selection process, to land the job. The average salary would be anywhere in the $ 100,000 for each year.

Responsible Gambling: How to become the manager of the game is one of the most interesting and well-paid jobs without a degree. You have to be good at management console gaming or casino in the country to work in this area. This work is well paid entry-level work, and for those fascinated by people, or clipped to play consistently, it may just be the right choice for a successful career.

Private Eye: If you like spying on other people, and I am a big fan of thrillers, then it becomes a private investigator should be one of the best careers without a College degree for you. There is no training or education necessary to become a private detective. All you need to be part detective and graduate school training and the theoretical gain valuable field experience. You also have the ability to analyze situations and cases, find a logical conclusion based on different tracks and evidence. This is another well-paid job with no education, which is interesting and challenging at the same time as well.

Power Plant Operator: The operator of power plants is the possibility of a career that provides job seekers with a little choice in terms of confirmation. You can choose to be an operator in the industry, nuclear power, but also in production. In any case, you are sure that a well-paid job without a degree. Even if it is necessary to complete extensive training on the job and have a comprehensive knowledge of plant operation. The annual salary can be anywhere in the range from 50.000 USD to $ 75,000.

Real Estate Career: to become a real estate agent or real estate office is a special title that is necessary. However, you have to do some classroom training throughout diminutive courses and plain all the tests. In addition, there are some licenses that must be obtained before becoming a real estate office. After gaining some experience as a real estate agent, you can go to become a real estate broker. This is one of the best careers without a degree.

Careers in information technology: It may seem to surprise, but a lot of jobs in information technology do not necessarily require college education. To land a job in IT, you have the necessary training and certification, which can be easily obtained from a variety of IT training centers. This way, you can make enough to get a decent job in the IT industry. With an annual salary of around 50,000 USD and more, this is definitely one of the best places without a diploma.

Event Manager: How to become an Event Manager or a party planner is growing rapidly popular choice when it comes to job without a degree. Candidates for the above solutions, part-time or full time, second time in hand. There is a certain novelty factor associated with this career choice, and requires a person to have good communication skills, excellent organizational skills and quick thinking.

Careers in writing: to become a writer, you should know to write! Seriously, a career in writing is an ideal choice for those looking for a lucrative career without a degree. There are many possibilities, such as technical writing, creative writing, screenwriting, and resume writing, among others. For some jobs, technical writing, you may need to be trained, which can be done easily through some short courses. You can earn somewhere between 50.000 USD to $ 75,000, depending on the work, and how they really are a good writer.

Policeman: to become a police officer, does not require a degree, but only a few months, training and education on the laws of the state and country. All we can learn from the body-specific courses to become a cop, and you can also gain valuable field experience through them. It is therefore, necessary to pass all the examinations of the case, and then fails to become a policeman. Since the honor and good salary comes, it is one of the best places without a degree. In addition, you will always get on the right side of the law.

Other works without a degree
Radiation Therapist
Computer Technical Support Specialist
The Head of Transport
Funeral Director
Graphic / Web Designer
Truck driver
Fashion designer
Court reporter
Dental Hygienist
Car mechanics
Chef / Hotel Sales
Child Care Workers
Interior designer
Therapist Assistant

All work may require a formal college education as such, but definitely a certain amount of learning and training must undergo to become familiar with your area and the nature of the work that is inevitable.