Best College Degrees for Women

Best Careers for women with a university education might well be to stay home.

The American poet Emily Dickinson stayed at home, each room and the garden is a beloved place to support the planned activities during the day. Dickinson was desperately seeking solace in menial daytime television. With regard to the fire is not in conflict with family life.

Conversely, the higher education in a simplified set of self-made home actually freed her from the scatter-brained multitasking, which robs many "liberated" women significant quality of life perfect for her husband Henry David Thoreau, who also stayed at home after graduating from Harvard. Careerist women who decide to teach students should never be prejudiced against a positive view from the household.

The fact that children benefit from a full-time parent - which is usually the mother - is in the eyes of the dominant studious culture, which corresponds to defend the subjugation of women and left views ", share their brains on the mop." In the home full-time as individuals who, because of patriarchy and other nefarious forces that left his mind to the lowest intellectual activity of man can deal with: housekeeping. Being a full-time at home, mother and wife is on the left's vision of hell.

Trying to refute the view that full-time housework boring waste of intellectual and academic education.

Let me first state that I have no argument with those mothers who need or just want to work outside the home. My argument is with those who believe that staying home is necessarily tedious.

Do not want to glamorize raising children. As a rule, small children do not contribute much intellectual life to the parents (although older children who are intellectually curious can encourage parents to seek answers to difficult questions that may lead to earlier). Any intellectually alive woman who is a full-time mother must find somewhere else intellectual stimulation.

It is important that such initiatives can find without leaving your house. In addition, the intellectual input that you can find, is probably larger than most women (and men) to find work outside the home. There is a reason that about half of the audience of his national radio show is a woman - listen to talk with radio for hours every day and broaden your knowledge considerably. On the left side is the notion that radio enhances mental development is like fish need bicycles. Nevertheless, because he left the greatest achievement is to demonize the right, and it never actually listens to the best of us.