Research Schools

Research in the university schools

The new investment in university schools asks already a fruit - for the researcher, the student and the school. Teacher's education has a qualitative advantage.

Research based in the Knowledge.

Concerned with linguistic diversity found that the university's school project favorably as perfect for her research questions.

  • The Knowledge Promotion is the linguistic tolerance, and diversity emphasize its important values, and I asked myself: How do we do it? How do we convey it, how we research it in the classroom?

In cooperation with teacher training and university school project, she has therefore no extended period of time followed Thurs the 5th classes school. Not only, in lessons, but as much as possible in all subjects - and downtime.
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  • I am concerned with the social context of the linguistic diversity of the pupils outspread in.

  • Which takes the initiative to approach the speaking subject, how they are talking about language? How to use their creativity with language and the linguistic repertoire? I speak primarily of students, but also about language with them, she says.

The students are - in research and in school

The whole idea behind the university's school project is that the research triangle-school students to work together. Therefore, take students to school.

  • The first thing we did was to have regular under sensing to the students there - along with the teachers. It was a spenannde session.
  • And very useful for us. There is a lot of theory into the classroom, but the hour, where teachers were also in the call, putting on my part to start new reflections on the concepts, we use, says second-year student.

And students are also involved in other ways.Plan together with students interviewing students - like a mini-research project - and by being present in class and with the pupils of the catches the various themes and issues that the students in turn can write bachelor's and master tasks on.

  • It's absolute both exciting and relevant for us.

Underlines how well the overall theme - linguistic diversity - is directly relevant to trainee teachers.

  • Dialect knowledge, the relationship between yours, relationship to the foreign language and English - all of these core courses in trade is also about linguistic diversity.

Linguistic diversity

In collaboration with a university school project selected schools, including because several students who have a foreign language background.

  • But first I was afraid she was going to be disappointed - it was too little linguistic diversity here, says teacher Truls Nordby.
  • But had expanded our perception of it and made us think about how the use of language has the basic skills to do. For example, we are now more concerned with the oral use of language, and how we can be more precise in our back messages.

Some freshman agrees in.

  • There are so easily focused on the written and easy to forget the importance of oral language and language use is an understanding of identity, she says.
  • And we forget sometimes what kind of resource, they multilingual pupils are, and that it can be used in teaching.
  • Great that someone will investigate the farnesol

Furthermore, the principal is very happy with the university's school commitment.

  • This is a unique chance for us to get directly into professionals, and teachers receive some return for it. Previously felt that teacher education has been somewhat distant from us, but now we are working together. Only that someone will research the topic in primary school is great.

  • And for me as a teacher educator, this is important - that teachers and students meet and tells experiences. And it is hoped that students will take the experiences and the research approach to duck into the teachers' work.