MIT Online

At MIT, there is a TV community, online blogs are students, professors, staff and alumni. Of course, there is a page on Facebook and page student-athletes, where they discuss the victory over the metabolism and calorie.

MIT pioneered the field of life-long education, and offer approximately 2000 courses in the public domain. There is also a channel on Youtube lectures. Open access can be viewed as a lecture program undergraduate, and graduate in 33 specialties - more than a thousand hours of study.

In the spring of 2012, having any free online courses, you will receive a certificate of his passing - for the money, but very small. However, it will not be issued to MIT, and MITx - a new division of the university, responsible for e-learning.

The ring
shape of
the student MIT. Design of the rings varies each year and depending on the specialty, but always present on the ring of the Institute mascot - the beaver, the engineer of wildlife.

Sports are compulsory.
The result - a 1980 MIT student took first place in national and world competitions in shooting, taekwondo, swimming, water polo.

The strangest specialty of
Women's and Gender Studies.