Why Learn A Foreign Language

Learning to communicate in a foreign language

Oral practice is a priority in foreign language learning beyond the classroom. Students should be able to communicate to promote mobility in worldwide.

Efforts are underway to increase exposure to language:

More than 5,600 language assistants from 48 foreign countries are involved in their mother tongue.

1000 Film School offers a world heritage films in the original version in all schools

Video conferencing in schools to promote contact with native speakers in language learning
Exchanges with other institutions program "eTwinning" virtual exchange's sections of the "specialist" school English.

Mobility of students and community programs (Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci for vocational training) or bilateral agreements with countries such as Germany, England, Scotland, Spain, USA, etc..

An opportunity for students to spend two years. This year can be tested, of the study results.

The harmonization of languages

The user
Level A1: the goal at the end of primary school. Can a simple way provide the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help?

Level A2: target level for obtaining a common ground.
They exchange simple information on familiar and routine matters.

Independent user
B1: the goal at the end of compulsory schooling.
It can deal with most situations encountered along the road, telling the event, an experience defending a project or idea.

Level B2: target level for the BA examination.
It can get the essence of several concrete and abstract topics in complex texts, including technical discussions in their field. You can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity, as a conversation with a native speaker. Students can express their opinion on current issues and debate.

Certificates in foreign languages

Students and volunteers educated in second class or first-year vocational school can pass the certification level of output options B1 to A2.

Ministry of Education entrusted the preparation of items for agencies providing internationally recognized foreign certificates: Cambridge ESOL for English, the Spanish Cervantes Institute, KMK (Standing Conference of Education Ministers).