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Associate Degrees are designed to meet the qualifications in the first two years of a bachelor's degree. A student who transferred from College of Eastern Utah's public four-year institution of higher education in Utah, it is automatically deleted from all general-education requirements if he or she received an Associate degree (students receiving associate of Pre-engineering required to take additional general-education credits). Most of the four years of accredited institutions of higher education in the United States will accept the Associate degree. Students are recommended to examine the catalog to institutions that plan to transfer.

Credit for courses numbered 1000 or higher-degrees from the University of East Utah are transferable within the Utah state system of higher-education and will be on the student transcript by the receiving institution. Adoption of the loan should not be confused with an action against a specific set of requirements or serious. Credit other than for fully satisfied the general-education requirements of receiving institution will apply for the right loan to an exact institution requirement of study programs, as defined by the receiving institution.

Criminal justice is a fast-growing industry that provides a wide range of careers in fields as law enforcement, courts, forensic (crime labs and investigations), law, juvenile law and corrections. Specific job opportunities, depending on the level of education one pursues, could include such things as an attorney, law enforcement officer, correctional officer, paralegal, or compliance inspector, private detective, firefighter, forensic specialist, probation officer, private security and enforcement of many federal positions. Because our criminal-justice system reflects the reality, and the interests of Criminal Justice program draws from a wide range of academic disciplines such as political science, psychology, history and sociology.

Students Seeking Certificate of Applied Sciences and associate degrees

Students who want special training, but do not plan on transferring to a four-year schools should consider a certificate or applied science degree. Certificates of Applied Science degree will help you get detailed and specific skills needed quick to enter the professional field and successfully pursue a profession where you can function effectively in society. Classes and training are designed to match the skills and knowledge needed for specific professions. Certificates can usually be completed within one year. Second-degree take longer to complete but allow obtaining an associate degree in a specific area. Each measure also used to select electives and emphasis areas that are of interest or may be required in the current profession.