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The Middle Tennessee State University (founded September 11, 1911 and commonly abbreviated As MTSU) is American university located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. It is at present the 2nd largest institution of higher education in Tennessee (by, all in all, enrollment), trailing only University of Tennessee in Knoxville. MTSU, nevertheless, at present has the leading enrollment at the state of undergraduate students.

It initially recognized first for its training and nursing programs, MTSU has more recently gained recognition for its aerospace programs, marketing, mass communication / industry and music / music recording business. MTSU is an associate of the Tennessee Board of Regents System, 1 of 2 higher EDU systems in Tennessee. The tenth and current president of the school are Sidney A. McPhee, Ed.D. He has served since 2001.

MTSU is the greatest university in the central third to the state and the single largest contributor to economic Murfreesboro. The university is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on universities.

In 1909, the Tennessee Legislature enacted the bill for general education. This bill stated that three universities were established within each great division within the state (Modern-day ETSU, MTSU and the University of Memphis ) and one additional school African-American students ( TSU ). These schools were founded in 1911. Originally known as Middle Tennessee Normal School, it became a state university in 1943 and was known as the Middle Tennessee State College. The condition of the university in 1965 and garnered the school changed its name accordingly in Middle Tennessee State University.


In September 2007, MTSU has the largest student body of 20,899 students with the condition. The majority of students come from within 50 miles (80 km) in area.

The focus of MTSU in recent years to develop, but the university is still too large for its infrastructure quickly. With the advent, in 2004 in Tennessee's lottery (which provides scholarships to assist college students in Tennessee schools install), more students than ever have the financial means to attend MTSU. The current management is trying to limit the increase in the standards development and adoption of the delegation of remedial courses a two-year community college in the Tennessee Board of Regents system.
MTSU is classified as a regional university draws on basic and higher student from the area around Nashville and Murfreesboro. As the school grew larger, expanded its student base. Programs, the recording industry and the aerospace industry regularly draw students from outside the State of Tennessee. Most other programs, especially students draw on the state.

Only 3,500 students (about 15% of enrollment), live in dormitories are located, but the landscape around the university has many apartments for marketing for students an estimated additional 35-40% of students renting apartments in Murfreesboro.

MTSU graduation ceremonies take two every spring and autumn, and one each summer (a total of three classes each year). At the beginning of autumn and spring are cut in two ceremonies to accommodate the large number of graduates (average 1600 per class) and their families who wish to participate. Ceremonies were held in Monte Hale Arena to 10,000 jobs within the Charles M. Murphy Athletic Center.